Saturday, January 8, 2011

What to choose?

With the amount of technology available for classrooms today, it is difficult to know what to use.  There are some factors that dictate what is possible.  The first one is funding.  It is hard to use something if you do not have it.  Another factor is experience, or lack of.  It is hard to find time to become tech savvy in all aspects of technology.  The third factor is time.  How do we find time to create lessons that incorporate technology in a way that students will benefit?  These factors have contributed to the creation of this blog. Educators are encouraged to share their experiences in the classroom related to technology. Smart Boards are in many classrooms, but what can we do to use them as a productive piece of technology?  What other gadgets are available?  An ELMO has recently been added to my tools in the classroom, but it is a foreign piece of equipment to me.  Let's work together to provide ideas that will allow us to pep up our classrooms with technology.

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