Sunday, August 14, 2011

GAME Plan Reflection

When I first sat down to develop a GAME plan, I was unsure as to how it would impact my teaching. I developed some personal goals aimed at student learning and professional growth. I learned how important it is to take those goals and put them into action. I also realized that there are many intricate details that may be missed when turning a goal into an action, so monitoring and evaluating is essential for a complete plan.
The GAME plan is a great tool to use to organize my ideas as a teacher, but also the goals of my students in class. I am working to design a way that students can develop GAME plans for each of my classes. I want them to establish goals aimed at their learning in class, whether it is related to specific content or grades.
One of the areas that I will make adjustments to in my practice is where and when I implement technology. I need to carefully look at the lessons that I am teaching and use the tools available to me when they will benefit the learning of the content. With that being said, there are not many lessons that I teach that would not benefit from the use of technology. This is where I need to be careful and not over do it. I want my lessons to be able to teach content to my students, as well as teach them additional skills that will benefit them in the future.

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